Tombolini, Designer Under the Spot

Tombolini is totally dedicated to excellence. It has an Italian elegance with refined spirit and exclusivity that has remained faithful over the time with one aspect that must prevail in fashion is taste. Creativity and beautiful dressing go hand in hand that ensures originality and surprising details, which makes each and every piece a must have for a wise customer. A forward looking person always proceeds in the way as he pays due respect to the things already tested and known, creating a sense of pride in the minds of founders, and presently, laying a foundation for totally new and high-end craftsmanship. The factors contributing to the importance in the name of the brand is the finest quality of yarn that it uses, packaging, and the design by experimenting continuously and facing the challenges in the international market. Zero Gravity a famous line has re-established tailoring by blending selected cashmere, cotton, and linens.

There are wool-silk models that are subjected to anti-drip treatments and thermo-regulating properties, which make the comfort unbeatable. The line dream mainly consists of cotton and dyed wool and is very versatile for every time of the day. A new production in this series is the woven natte and has a rustic flavor; it is precisely cut with an informal outcome. Flying is another line is an unstructured line for a comfortable fit retaining its jacquard motifs. The most classic of them all is the line T300, which has a flawless over check fabric. In order to break the monochrome stripes, checks are used which gives this collection liveliness and is in sync with the urban taste leaving a Tombolini man always fashionable.