The Fendi Baguette Finally Arrived

The Fendi baguette is an iconic bag that left a strong presence since release. Often credited as the first ‘It’ bag, the baguette was unleashed into the universe in 1997, infiltrating fashion and culture in the years that followed. While it’s a defining accessory of the late 90s and early 00s, 20 years on, the bag is having a renaissance – and this time, it’s for men too.

Today sees the official launch of the Fendi men’s baguette. A bulkier, slightly more boxy to the original, the bag is available in a variety of colours,black, brown, navy and canary yellow – in leather, as well as in nylon. All, of course, with the essential double FF clasp.

Fendi has released a film to celebrate the launch, starring  Marc Forné, Leo Mandella and Nasir Dean.