Santos of Cartier

Santos of Carrier is the name of a watch company that was established in 1904, and serves the most classic shapes of its time. After about hundred years, the watch has gone under a revolutionary change and launched 100 new watches. These new watches were designed by Cartier and large and oversized cases were highlighted and emphasized on the beauty of casing of a watch that has been manufactured entirely by Cartier and named as 9611 MC skeleton. The specialty of Cartier is that it reveals more details which is a symbol of elegance and beauty of Santos of Cartier and this led it to get the design patented. The design is such that the task of dial is not only to reflect time, but can be manually winded too. Cartier’s design is such that it not only reveals all the movements taking place internally, and thereby, calls this watch a skeleton version. The innovation also includes roman numerals to bridge the gaps and utilize the space provided by palladium case.

The expertise used in making the watch has two barrels, one is the 9611 MC Calibre that has a capacity of storing energy for about 72 hours of timekeeping, and therefore, guarantees precision and long-term consistency. The other part is the separate 138 handmade components of Santos of cartier, including an angled bridge, a main plate, circular grained wheels, and satin brushed sides that gives homage to the commitment to constantly deliver excellent products.