Replica by Maison Margiela

The curiosity of Maison Margiela is symbolized for antique accessories and clothing by ‘Replica’. The charm and genuineness of this range of products, is know to be same around the world along with the significance to the originals of this product. Every garment produced at Replica is reproduced with faithfulness and the complete description about the source, purpose and period of the product is provided on its special label. A present this concept of Maison is unique and allows it to flourish with its distinct collection of fragrances.

In the word of Maison Margiela “Replica’ is an utterance of our continuous absorption and presentation on the range of apparels and much widely the process of creativity, as an original thought and feeling of expressing timelessness in this case. In addition to this it allows to project that apparel can be modern in every period of time and will remain modern even if it happens to exist from the past. The focus and desire of our concept was to translate this into a range of fragrances and assuring re-recording the fragrances of our memories.”