Palm Angels Spring Summer 2020


Vintage stores are reassuring places. You go in, somehow knowing what you will find: some boarding school pieces and some college stuff, generous amounts of army and navy, a smattering of athletic. Then there is workwear, and of course tie-dye, not to mention Hawaiian shirts, maybe a few kimonos. A vague seventies flavor perfumes it all, but there is also a feeling of normality to the whole. Vintage shopping iterates archetypes, in a way. You discover things, but it’s things you already know.

Francesco Ragazzi wanted to convey these same feeling with the new Palm Angels collection: the familiarity of what is normal, a certain quietness; the reassuring air and subdued rebelliousness of a vintage store. All of it, of course, with the requisite Palm Angels imprint.

Palm Angels evolves, gaining a new normality, a certain bold cleanness, but the mindset stays: items and tropes taken from different cultures are dissected, interpreted and reconfigured, keeping the immediacy. Workwear is treated like tailoring, butterflies swarm on denim pieces, exquisite kimono motifs are rendered in nylon on windbreaker and coats. Lab coats and leisure suits come in kaki cotton, uniform trousers have inverted bands, windbreakers are liquid to the touch. Jumpers channel a good boy properness. Jumpsuits are pragmatic.

Leather pockets that can be attached to shirts and trousers provide a functional detail. Peruvian hats, shielding glasses, dynamic sneakers complete the selection.