Louis Vuitton and League of Legends


Louis Vuitton and Riot Games Pioneer a First-of-its-Kind Partnership for the League of Legends World Championship starting in 2019

Through shared values of innovation and pioneering, Louis Vuitton and Riot Games today announce a landmark collaboration that brings together the iconic French House and the U.S.-based esports organization behind League of Legends, an online multiplayer game which became a global phenomenon.

Every year, Riot Games organizes the League of Legends World Championship for the planet’s best players and teams, and this year the final took place in Paris on November 10.

For the event, Louis Vuitton created, in collaboration with Riot, an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind Trophy Travel Case to hold the Summoner’s Cup, the trophy awarded to the world champions and considered the most prestigious prize in esports. The bespoke trunk, the first of its kind for an esports championship, will feature both some traditional Louis Vuitton savoir-faire along with cutting-edge, high-tech elements inspired by the League of Legends universe.

Louis Vuitton and Riot Games will also soon announce unique champion skins and a capsule collection designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s collections, along with other League of Legend digital assets.