The latest collections of Louis Leeman is available at Level Shoe District and brought about by AMDmode.

The 2015 Fall/Winter collection of the company is inspired by the world of Navy. This world has been characterized by the traits of Manhood such as strength, discipline, pride, bravery and elegance.

In relation to the designing of Burgundy velvet slippers, Louis advised AMDmode that the use of highest quality velvet is the tribute to the traditional, elegant lines. The metal caps have been individually designed and handcrafted. The combination of gold metal and burgundy velvet has been exclusively designed for Level Shoe District. Further, the chevron design depicts the symbol of rank and honor along with the metallic hardware which recalls fierce weaponry and military decorations. The rope tassels remind of the epaulets and the sailing knots which are used to adore the shoulders of the officers. A post has been interpreted by the radar of the boats which is essential for combat operation planning and navigation.

In relation to the loafer tasseled with velvet and woven silk, Louis explained that best quality silk and velvet had been used to design this unique loafer. Each and every detail of the product has been handcrafted by the artisans. Burgundy has been used as the major color for designing the collection as the color pays tribute to the regal court which is protected by the Navy. This is the reason for using this color in the Fall/Winter 2015 collection for designing high-quality loafers for Level Shoe District.