Felipe Oliveira Baptista has been impressed by the white hues and the ocher of modernist Villa Malaparte which is situated in Capri. He dreamed of organizing a tennis match on the rooftop of the Villa. It has been a wonderful idea for organizing a tennis match including sunbathing and swimming sessions accompanied with the backdrop of creeks, rocky inlets, and pine forests. Therefore, the Spring-Summer collection of 2017 designed by LACOSTE redefines the elements of sensuality, elegance, and comfort.

Similarly, the animal mascot designed by LACOSTE represents the arty stripes of crocodiles which also resemble the wild nature of the animals. It clearly resembles the tropical prints of a new generation. The brand’s enlarged crocodile graffiti which is covered with halftone flat tints and childish scribbles comprising of the free-spirited brushstrokes and painted à la Andy Warhol are similar to those designed by LeCorbusier for the Swiss Pavilion fresco of the International University of Paris. Further, Felipe Oliveira Baptista was inspired by the designs of Richard Jackson, an American contemporary artist. Richard Jackson’s designs outlined the Berlin installation, including the maze of horizontally stacked paintings combining the effects of pure colors and white slices dripping in this pattern. Therefore, Felipe Oliveira Baptista has reinvented his designed of the sailor top pattern as inspired by the designs of the artist Richard Jackson.

The new 2017 Spring-Summer collection of LACOSTE describes the state of mind of the new generation which is free-spirited and defined by its simplicity. The new collection also represents the impression of natural seduction.