Jean Paul Gaultier was born in 1952 in suburbans of Paris and embarked on his journey to a professional career on his 18th birthday with a well renowned firm, Pierre Cardin. He switched on to Esterelle, and later to Patou to finally return to Pierre Cardin again. The genius mind after gaining a significant amount of experience arrived at a decision to create label of his own launching his first collection in Paris in 1976. Jean Paul Gaultier succeeded at a fast pace and attained one of the top-notch positions in the industry by the early eighties. He was considered to posses creative skills that enabled him to establish himself as one of the renowned designers in the scene at a young age.

Jean Paul discovered an intriguing fact about beauty and strongly believed that beauty can be found at places where you expect it the least and that beauty also has many facets. A bracelet designed by him from a tin can became a signature in the industry and was used for packing his perfume which was massively successful.

Jean Paul Gaultier in 1984 launched his first collection of menswear with the title “Male Object”. Gaultier inclination towards film, music, dance, and fashion facilitated him in creating Haute Couture collection that later enabled him to work with Madonna and some other renowned costume designers in the movie industry. vThe men’s Spring/Summer ’13 collection was inspired by a sailor, Sinbad who had a willingness to cross all the seven seas.