Interviewing Khalid Shafar As The New Face For Kiehl’s

Extraordinary Designer Khalid Shafar talks about his experience of being a new ambassador of popular man’s skincare and grooming brand Kiel’s

Q: How do feel about working with Kiehl’s?

Being AN Emirati designer I am immensely overwhelmed to be working with popular international brand Kiehl’s and I am very happy to represent it in middle east. It is a matter of privilege and responsibility. I am extremely happy with Kiehl’s decision of selecting me as their brand ambassador.

Q: According to your view, what makes Kiehl’s different from competitors?

The brand has been the industry for a very long time now and it has emerged as a pioneer of skin care products because it carries out extensive researches. The CSR initiatives undertaken by Kiehl’s allows them to keep a regular interaction with its clients and also helps them in adding new customers to their business.

Q: Which Kiehl’s product do you like the most?

My favourite product is Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. Currently, I am using Eye De- Puffer and fuel Energizing Face Wash and I find them perfect for daily use and for travelling purpose.

Q: Will you please tell us the name of 5 essential must haves for the men of UAE?

  • Amino acid shampoo

  • Facial fuel SPF 15

  • Facial fuel energizing face wash

  • Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

  • Eye De- puffer

Q: Can you describe your own skincare routine?

I have a busy schedule and I need to travel very often that is why I try to very basic skin routine. I use face cleansing twice a day, I use a little Facial Fuel SPF 15 along with Eye De-Puffer and once in a day, I use Hand Slave.

Q: any advice that you would like to give to men regarding skincare.?

Since the weather conditions are harsh in UAE in summer season, it is required to clean the face two times in a day. For this purpose Facial Fuel Energizing Face wash can be used and also Facial Fuel SPF 15 can be used as a sunscreen.