Hogan started in 1986 with the first expensive sneakers, after that they started their range of white canvas shoes with the combination of some ongoing partners and design. In 1980 they did a re-creation of their canvas. They were in the field of sweatshirts and old-school video-games the 1960s. After that, they started their range in clothes industry. They come with the letterman jackets, sweaters, and chinos with the combination of hogans and Nappa. The sneakers which they launched in their “traditional-2015” was a mixture of old and new styles. They have a soft leather surface finish which is the best part of their product.

The loafer is redesign with the combination of calf polish or crocodile polish, but the body of shoes is made of a new kind of rubber. The company is now in the business of bottom wear also. They started their chinos and sweats with letterman jackets and vests. They printed game icons and cotton characters on their T-shirts and leather sweatshirts.

The brand has the variety for all the occasion, or they have such a trendy and fascinate clothes so anyone can wear it at any place. They have white, gray, blue, black, checks material product with rubber or suede prints.