6 Tips To Design Your Own T Shirts 

Are you a creative person who loves to produce original designs? If yes, have you thought of start designing your own T-shirts? Designing your own T-shirts is not only a thrilling experience but is also a good way to start building your career. Nowadays, it is a lot easier than ever to craft your own designs for T-shirts. There are a number of apps available that can let you select from a host of clothing items, stock designs, font types, clothing colors, pictures, logos and so on. All you need to do is be creative. In this post, we have compiled 6 great tips for custom T-shirt designs that help you get started.

Text and images

For starters, you need to use the text and images with crisp, clean lines and contrast. In other words, the text and images should be clear enough such that people can understand what is written on the shirt from far away. In fact, good designs can be clearly seen 20 feet away. If they cannot be seen from a distance, then they will be useless.


When making a design, you should ensure you choose the right colors for both the T-shirt and Text. The great thing about using apps for T-shirt design is that they allow you to match the colors so that you can make the right choice. It’s a smart idea to set the correct contrast level otherwise the final work will not be pleasing. Here, it is important to remember that printing black text on a white shirt is cheaper printing white text on a black shirt. So, this point is vital from the budget perspective.


Before you start printing, ensure that you know the precise dimension of the T-shirt designs. To do it correctly, what you have to do is to put the text on the T-shirt in the app. It will help you get the correct size.


It is also a good idea to print the image on the right area. Where exactly do you want to print the image? Do you want it on the front or back? What do you want to put on the sleeves? Keep in mind that the cost will be obviously higher if you want to print multiple pictures. So, it’s important to consider your budget when deciding on this.


Do you want to put a background for the picture or you want to keep the remaining area transparent? With the right software, you can remove the background color so that the image and text can pop out and look natural.


You need to have realistic expectations. Color photo printers usually offer high quality, but you cannot expect the same from something like a garment printer. The colors and sharpness won’t be of high quality. Regardless of the printer you use, the accuracy and color saturation will be different. So, it’s a good idea to opt for brighter colors to achieve great designs.

So, if you want to make your own T-shirts designs, the tips given in this article will be beneficial. These tips will make the entire job easier for you to have amazing T-shirts.