4 Suit Ideas every Guy in Business should follow 

As a male entrepreneur, wearing a suit is a great fashion idea. A suit is one of the best outfits you should have for you to look professional in business. Regardless of the type of business events, meetings or any other occasion, a suit will make you look presentable and serious. There are no strict rules you need to follow, but you need to ensure that you look at your best at all times. If you are the kind of a person who likes looking stylish, a little bit of style will do. To help you look at your best, below are suit tips you need to know as an entrepreneur.

Do not try to outdo your superiors

In most cases, young employees have more flair compared to their superiors who are older. This is usually as a result of the need for them to look more fashionable and their youthful age. However, it is good to note that you do not have to use your suit fashion and style to try and outdoor your superiors. Even if you can afford very expensive and stylish suits, do not try to use them to outshine your boss. Note that your business or workplace is not a party so be cool with the suit you wear.

Grey, black and blue suits will do

You might be the kind of a person who likes bright colored and flashy suits as a way of attracting attention.  As an entrepreneur this might not work well, unless you are in the circus industry. For real business suits, grey, blue and black will be the best option for you. Such suits look modest and make you look perfect and sharp for your business.


Be bold with your tie

You not have to look flashy when you wear a business suit and this is the same case with your tie. As a fashion rule, the tie should always be lighter compared to the shirt you are wearing. You can try blue, black or bold red that will do with most suit colors. The most important thing here is to ensure that your tie fabric match perfectly with your suit fabric. Make sure there is no crashing of colors in the outfit that you wear.

Casual wear in business does not mean jeans and T-shirts

You might have heard of people talking about wearing casually in business, but this does not mean you wear T-shirts and jeans. What you need to wear is a casual suit that does not look like your usual business suit. It can have a material that does not look more refined, but it must be comfortable. You can also wear that colorful and stylish suit of yours. In case you decide to wear a tie and short under your jacket, you can wear the tie in a loosely to bring in that casual look you want to have.

Bottom line

Regardless of the day of the week, you should always be in a suit. This brings in an impression of a professional entrepreneur committed in the business industry.