Houbigant: Fougère Royale

Fougere Royale was created in 1882 by Houbigant Eau de Parfum. The ultimate Men’s Fragrance by The Candy Perfume Boy is a blend of hay-like and soft coumarin with herbaceous sweet tones of lavender that details on soapiness and cleanliness making one feel both relaxed and smart.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Mâle

Le Mâle from Jean Paul Gautlier’s collection is something a playful with an inclination towards modernity, hard to resist for the stylish perfume lovers.

The exceptionally opus fragrance is the reason for the bang on popularity and favored choice of man to wear Le Mâle.

The elements in barbershop here are given steroids injection and amped up to the level of caricature.

The result has a magnificent blend of beautiful lavender note, abundance of creamy and smooth vanilla and tons of refreshing mint. Le Mâle is appealing to men with big muscles and smooth chests enveloped in skintight t-shirts.

Yves Saint Laurent: Rive Gauche Pour Homme

The impeccably tailored Rive Gauche Pour Homme directs from the treasure of Yves Saint Laurent, is a refined fragrance that’s worth seeking. Highly aired masculine fragrance is influenced by the great artist Tom Ford (the legendary known for men’s attire). Inspired by the traditional fragrances, Rive Gauche PH lifts one and adds effervescence by pairing the powdery and smooth patchouli note. The perfectly sculpted fragrance evokes the senses of stylish and groomed men with its sexy and rugged appeal.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Masculin Pluriel

Maison Francis Kurkdjian unusual offering Masculin Pluriel is a fragrance of the genre to be discussed essentially. The classic masculine styles with a tinge of modernity it appeals men.

The origin of Le Mâle is inspired by the Kurkdjian. Soapiness nature of a Fougère paired with rugged leather in woody reveals the feel of modernity.