Art is a very powerful tool for the artist, and with the time the influence of art can be seen in the fashion trend, and that is why AMDmode had decided to dedicate their previous week for the art in which massive influence of art can be easily seen on the fashion scene for the season. AMDmode has seen that designers are now a days are more focused towards showcasing the glimpse of art in their designer collection this season. The designers have put a variety of artistic designs in their collection, for example, many designers have created their design by using abstract art which is based on the subconscious creation. Fashion designs on abstract were accepted by the American art movement at an international level. Cubism is also one of the artistic forms which are seen in the designer collection. The idea of cubism in the art was firstly introduced by very famous Pablo Picasso in the early twentieth century. The new design of cubes in the designer collection can be seen in the newly styled blazers, which have become increasingly famous throughout the year of 2013. The fashion collection has moved towards pop art from cubism in which many pop art scenes can be seen in the collections. Pop art is used to minimize the banality in every day’s life.This kind of style in the clothes is famous in today’s world of fashion, where pop colors, graphical designs are blended with modern music and sampling to be used for sampling.