A conversation with Franck Mesnel


During Pitti Uomo in Florence we had the chance to sit and chat with Franck Mensel the founder of Eden Park.

Tell us more about the brand.

Globally the brand is celebrating its 30 years anniversary. We used to be very influenced by the English brands as we are knowing to be belonging to the Rugby world. We used to have a story as a player myself in the French team and I was under a great influence of the English and American brands and shifting to focus on the French influence and the French Flair.


Tell us more about the French Flair.

I think its totally evolution from the shop to the collection. There is an evolution not a revolution. We aren’t showing anymore the antiques. So we are talking about the French flair, with a strong assets, the bow tie show the twist and flair. So what we do is we are integrating his flair into the collection within the strips some more tone on tone. Adding this elegance and French touch. We want to be a follower we want to be always unique.


Do you think it’s a bit scary that you are doing those changes now after people are used to Eden Park in a certain way.

I really like the question. We still have our main customers in France. We don’t want our existing clients to go on a revolution with the changes, we want them to enjoy this new world of Eden Park. For example, in Cairo and Geneva the stores are completely new with new marketing and new team. For the French market, we are going step by step. For the big capitals we exist in, it’s easy to change but in the province it’s not easy to change quickly it has to be done step by step. For someone like me I have to be pushed by the marketing team to work on the transformation and the changes in the brand and if they don’t push me and shock me to move and I don’t want to compromise. The idea is to go into this new path with the brand.


Do you believe that Eden Park is going on the same path as Acne Studio, Ami, and Sandro.

Well thank you for making those comparisons, those are successful brands that we would appreciate being close to them. Obviously, we aren’t not there yet, but this is the direction of the brand, while keeping our differences, we have to show discreetly our differences in an elegant way, while as well keeping our DNA.


How important for the brand to be in Pitti Uomo

It’s a question every year and every year we are convinced to be here, for certain customers like we have to be in Berlin or in New York, maybe we can ask ourselves some questions if we are in the right place, maybe tomorrow we are in another trade show. But I believe its crucial for us, we have quiet good Italian customers and strategically it makes sense, especially with the kind of customers that come to Pitti that are different from the customers that come to Berlin or to New York.


Eden Park is a known brand in the Middle East, how important is the Middle East market for you.

It’s our first zone, its huge there, maybe currently there is a little bit of quiet period in terms of business. For us Lebanese people are very important to us. Our partners in the middle east is Lebanese and we see people are leaders in style, they travel go around and they are showing a good image of the brands.


What kind of client do you see Eden Park in.

For people like us, who are in charge of marketing, there is always compromise. I really wish the brand keeps going on with the real DNA and identity then we can target all type of people and customers, in France we have loyal clients even people visiting the store from the globe we know we are coming from Sports influence but we are not a sports brand. For us the comfort is an important thing, and for us quality is the king.