This month men’s scents selection will present variants to suit your mood during day or night, ranging from modern and refreshing to masculine and musky.

Calvin Klein – Euphoria Men Liquid Gold from Calvin Klein’s with a simple yet stylish packaging in black with trim in gold. Look from nearby reveals the classy ornate, embossed pattern inspired from Middle East. The details on packaging are in symmetry with the bottle’s design, the square flask in black encased by a cap in matte gold. The combination of a saffron fragrance with spicy pepper aroma along with silky sandalwood has a magnetizing effect.

Valentino – Uomo from Valentino is a stunning presentation of a deluxe bottle of vintage liquor engraved with a tactile. Adorned with studs like prism, the bottle represents the brick in Roman architecture. The cologne in amber color is a showcase of the manly characteristics with cedar and coffee, white leather, accented with sugaring of gianduja cream. Inclusion of myrtle and bergamot adds to the quality and sensual male appeal.

Dior – Dior’s Fahrenheit, bottled in arched and sleek designed bottle with eclipse in red gradient adds to the allure. Compelling the power of masculinity Fahrenheit is the right blend of opposites of earthy wood, subtle floral and leather.

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana is presented in classy frosted bottle in white with a shell in ‘sky-blue’. Creation for alluring the modern man it delves into a rare assemblage of refreshing bergamot and sparkling and spicy scents of the Mediterranean.

John Varvatos – Artisan Acqua a signature creation of John Varvatos that manifest masculinity is hand woven. A fusion of tropical direct from Mediterranean includes tangerine, guava and grapefruit.