Canali presented a short film, entitled “Canali Crossroads,” a production that follows in the footsteps of three men with diverse personalities and distinct tastes in terms of everything from lifestyle to sartorial style. The “crossroads” concept comes to life in both a literal and figurative sense, as these men happen to live in the same contemporary building in the city. Their paths often cross, but somehow, they never meet.
The film is played by three influencers who each take on a persona that speaks to a different Canali customer. Carlo Sestini plays the businessman who believes in impactful, power dressing. His daily affairs merit the classic elegance of custom suiting, luxury dress shirts, and refined, structured overcoats. Marcel Floruss steps into character as the creative. His approach to fashion revolves around the art of style, one in which individual identity is expressed through contemporary pieces in daring colors and bold silhouettes. Chris John Millington stars as the alternative yet curated Canali man. His laid-back lifestyle interprets the best of casual comfort and premium quality, expertly sporting informal wear that breathes an air of dynamism.As the three men go about their daily routines, we come to understand the stylistic differences that separate them. Their lives seem to run parallel, leaving us to wonder what traits they could possibly share. In the end, the common thread that binds them is not only an address but also the Canali Fall Winter 18 collection. Through the differentiation of our protagonists, the production visually conveys the versatility of the Canali brand, showing the collection’s dynamic power.