Another minimal gender equal collection is yet to Dropping by Boyfriend the Brand and this time in collaboration with Dana Hourani.

The inspiration behind this capsule collection was to take the DNA of the brand into a bolder and edger transformation, through the vision of Dana Hourani, who is well know for her daring style.

” We have always bounced ideas off each other for fun, even before getting the idea to do a capsule, it was only a matter of time before we brought it to life.” says Dana Hourani.

Amine and Dana have always referred to each other as the male/female version of the other when it came to style and this capsule is a fusion of both their styles combined.

According to founder Amine Jreissati – “ The brand was founded to remind of the importance of basics and their mix and match. The same shirt can be worn by a man or a woman and simply twisted with a belt or rubber bands around the sleeves to match each taste and style”.