AMI Spring Summer 2020


The sense of calmness was brought to the Grand Palais with the gentle sound of bells ringing through the venue — bells that were attached to shoes and garments of the strutting models. The guests were seated in a circle, patiently waiting for Alexandre Mattiussi  to show his 18th collection.

The French designer is known for frequently toying with the conventions of Parisian elegance, upending timeless denim jackets and carrot-cut slacks with playful embroidery and graphic knitwear. Yesterday’s line opened with a series of black, urban-chic, sartorial looks with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll romance — delivering a genderless runway packed with relaxed cuts and tweaked wardrobe staples. The label occasionally reigns in favor of ultra-sleek minimalism, true to form, the Spring/Summer 2020 collection ventured into that, leaving us with one thought: AMI is now officially a French brand to be reckoned with.