The world’s most famous artists and known brands, Rosana Orland and Llardo came together for the ‘Black Room,’ which is a boutique boast. The ‘Black Room’ consist of space provided to the artists and brands for showcasing their most treasured accessories and furniture designs. Numerous collection of artwork is housed, injected, and projected by designer Vick Vanlian in the ‘Black Room.’

Vick Vanlian, the famous artist, was born in the year 1997 in Beirut Lebanon, and he spent most of his childhood and high school years in New York, Montreal, and Beirut. The artist studied interior designing from Lebanese American University (LAU) and completed his graduation in the year 2000 with high distinction.

Vick Vanlian became aware of his passion for furniture and designs at very early age of seven and since then, during his summer vacations and holidays started working in his father’s furniture factory and showroom. At a very early age, Vick Vanlian became famous and successful designer among elite business people, princes, princesses, and most popular singing sensations of Arab in the Middle East. He had many good projects of palaces, apartments, bars restaurants, and hotels and his works consisted of eclectic designs that majorly embraced the pop culture of that time. He became popular because of his unique style that consisted of a mixture of luxurious and pop culture designs.

He is making a great impact on the world of design, and he is gaining a good recognition in international and European design scene with his new line of furniture that he launched in his name.