The young collector’s auction is performed by Ayyam Gallery which is an inventive step for demonstrating a large number of artistic collection in several forms to the people who have shown interest in art. The young collector’s auction will present beyond eighty different collectables of art which include video, paintings, photography, installation work and sculptures created by renowned artists come up from various regions, and the auction is going to be held on 30th of April 2013. Furthermore, this auction is one of the best among the Middle Eastern modern art and aimed to fix entry-level pricing at a price range from $2000 to $10000. Along with the auction, the distinct step was taken by The Young Collectors Auction by organising a charity auction programme to help and support needy people and aid in accretion of funds for the United Nations World Food Programme make the auction more remarkable. The list of items available in the auction is attainable in Dubai from several Ayyam galleries is, and it can also be readily available through internet in a PDF format. A week before the auctions starts that is from 21st of April 2013 to 29th of April, it allows access to preview the artistic work along with an opportunity to meet and interact with the artists as well. The auction will be held on 30th of April in Ayyam Gallery and the address of which is Al Quoz, third interchange Al Quoz 1 in the street 8, Dubai.