The Archive

The archive is an art gallery located in Dubai, which provides a space to display and showcase the artistic work, architecture and literature. Moreover, the primary focus of the archive is involved public in all the artistic programs, and they welcome art initiatives taken by the public. It brings out an annual program scheme which is based on artistic work, literature, education and research. The archive also provides a lively space in the garden area which is equipped with a café with an espresso bar to make the public and audience more comfortable and spend a good time over there. The programs undertaken by archive includes both the indoor as well as outdoor activities such as yoga, musical performances, boot camps, football, book launches, dance classes, book clubs, outdoor film, artist talks, screenings, lots of children’s events, workshops and poetry writing.

By taking advantage of the beautiful panorama of the garden the archive introduces such programs and activities, which provides an opportunity for the student, artists, scholars and general public to engage and put their best efforts towards the development of cultural panorama of the UAE and Dubai.