Straight Flush is a book based on a true story of an American group of friends who brilliantly managed to develop a large online poker platform worth billions of dollars. The team faced problems when they became the target of the US Department of Justice.

The book is based on actual events faced by a group of six friends, and it also consists of exclusive interviews. The author, Ben Mezrich is an acclaimed writer, and in this book, he has described a captive tale of a group of friends based in Costa Rica and studied at the University of Montana. The group called themselves frat brothers, and they managed to convert a weekly basement poker drive into, which became one of the largest online gaming platforms of the world. The savvy business strategy and good luck made the developers earn millions of dollars per day from this online platform. Absolute poker became an online empire with its operational base set-up in a jungle present in the paradise of Costa Rica. The high popularity and a large amount of money made the lifestyles of frat brothers outrageous with parties and girls.

However, the operations became dangerous when the US Department of Justice started targeting for its illegal activities nationally and internationally. Straight Flush is an exciting page turner with a unique and gripping storyline about the development of wildest business and the struggle that developers went through to keep it running.