Arno Elias was renowned multi-talented painter, musician as well as a photographer. Arno Elias was also famous for his different compositions of global renown music for the Buddha Bar. Arno Elias contributed his effort to global art and participated in the UNICEF’s various campaigns. He composed different range of music for the worldwide campaigns with the famous artist Shakira. In the starting stage of music, Arno Elias was known as a singer as well as the song writer in France. Arno Elias was strongly dedicated towards the music and decided to shape his career in the field of music. Arno decided to chosen Brigitte Bardot in order to direct and compose special music for the animal rights. The major objective of his music composition is to protect animals from being abused.

Arno was a creative person and his talent did not stop him in the field of music but further continued to his artistic career. Arno was also interested in the field of painting and photography. His work is currently being exhibited in New York, Paris, London Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Basel, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dubai and Mexico. Furthermore, his work has been appreciated in the New York Times, NBC and PBS television. His designed and painted photographs have been featured in the ART galleries in North America, Miami and Switzerland. Arno Elias was recently commissioned by the 2 New York hotels in order to make beautiful paintings for the hotel gallery. He is highly talented and his artistic sophistication can be easily seen in the artistic creation.