Robert Longo (b. 1953)

In his ‘2007 Study for Jet Pilot No.1,’ Robert Longo has used a Charcoal on tracing paper of size 47cmx40 cm.


Robert Longo is a well known American sculptor and painter who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1953. He finished his BFA from Buffalo State College, and before that briefly studied sculpture work from Accademia di Bella Arti in Florence, Italy. After completing his studies in 1970’s, Robert came to New York City and became a part of underground art scene. His series of life-size graphite drawings with the name ‘Men in the Cities’ is known to be his best sculptural work. The series consists of various drawings of sharply dressed men and women lurching backwards and forewords carrying contorted emotions. The series made him most collected and exhibited artist of 1980s.

Longo had an art exhibition in Deichtorhallen and Hamburg Kunstverein, Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, Menil Collection in Houston; Isetan Museum of Art in Tokyo, and Hartford Athenaeum the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. His group exhibitions also include Documentaries, Venice Biennial and Whitney Biennial. His work is also represented in the collections of Guggenheim, Whitney Museum and MoMA, New York; the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; and at many other places.


In 1980s, power and authority became the primary focused themes of Longo’s work. Followed by a series of blackened American flags, he also produced a series of breaking waves, documentary images, and baroque rendering of atomic bomb blasts focusing on his theme of power and authority. Longo used coal and graphite to paint his ‘2007 Study of Jet Pilot No.1’ to signify the complexities caused by military and industrial operations.