Raw Metropolis

The documentary Raw Metropolis explores the various aspects of Dubai, which is a futuristic city attempting to find its identity among a large number of locals and visitors. Amirah Tajdin of the Seven Thirty Films is the writer and director of this documentary, consisting of the video portraits of people influenced by the street style of Dubai, which is one of the newest international urban centers.

Sole DXB of 2014 presented the perfect opportunity allowing Amirah Tajdin to film the video portraits. The portraits were filmed at the location of the event, Dubai Design District, which uncovers the numerous aspects of the city’s evolving urban culture by exhibiting the street art, footwear, and fashion.

The video portraits include the interviews of founders and collaborators of the festival and the visiting guests. The interviews were carried out in a car with the interviewees sitting in the backseat. The car was moving through the stylized cityscape shots of Dubai, revealing the abstract nature of the buildings and spaces. The interviewees expressed their opinions about the street culture, lifestyle and technology, and how these aspects affect their lives.