About the Artist

Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo

Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo are twin brothers born in the year 1974, in São Paulo, Brazil. They are popular graffiti artists and collaboratively known by their artist name OSGEMEOS, which is inspired by a Portuguese word, ‘Os Gemeos’ that stands for ‘the twins.’ In 1987, OSGEMEOS started painting graffiti locally and soon became popular and a major influence on art scene on Brazil’s burgeoning street. Hip hop and street culture in the 1980s inspired the twins to start out as break dancers before becoming graffiti artists. Their portraits range from family portraits to commentary on Brazilian folklore and politics and often consist of yellow skinned characters. Their work has become an epitome of Brazil’s graffiti culture, and fluently commissioned for museums and international art fairs. Their works have also been projected on elite places, such as the facade of the Tate Modern, London, and Art Basel Miami Beach.

About the Piece

Diam em Que a primavera virou outono

(The Day Spring Became Fall) 2014

Similar to their other art pieces, this work also consists of yellow skinned characters incorporated with traditional imagery. Although inspired by North American graffiti, their work includes the elements of Brazilian culture. This art piece consists of a lanky man in the twin’s signature yellow color, standing against a colorful optical illusion.