Latest Awesome Movies to Watch This November 

The film industry has gifted us with many masterpieces in 2017, most of which have left us breathless. It was as if the directors were challenging each other to come up with 2017’s best film.

The task of identifying the best films of 2017 is a Herculean one, with the majority of the films released so far attracting millions of views around the world.

That notwithstanding, here are four awesome films you definitely should watch this November.

1. Thor: Ragnarok

2017 was certainly the year of the superheroes, with the year marking the long-awaited return of the mighty Thor in the “Thor: Ragnarok” film. Chris Hemsworth did not disappoint in his portrayal of the superhero and should be a frontrunner for numerous awards.

The film follows Thor’s in his endeavor of safeguarding Asgardian against Hela. But there’s a twist; Thor’s pal and ally, Hulk has turned against him and is set to make his life unbearable. The task of battling two powerful adversaries is great, and Thor has to do the unimaginable if he is to be successful.

2. Jigsaw

Since the horror genre is immensely popular, why not add another entrant from the genre? Introducing “Jigsaw”, the latest (and possibly the most frightening) installment in the “Saw” franchise that has captivated people for years. The release of this horror film was perfectly timed to coincide with this year’s Halloween. The film’s storyline closely resembles that of other “Saw” films, where a group of people are subjected to physical and psychological torture to separate the weak from the strong. Be ready for the unending evil mind games, blood and gore in Jigsaw.

3. Only the Brave

Do you remember of the wild fire that engulfed Yarnell, Arizona and led to the death of a team of firefighters who were battling the flames? Well, producers saw it fit to come up with a film in honor of their memory and sacrifice. And the film’s title says it all. “Only the Brave” stars Josh Brolin, Taylor Kitsch, James Badge Dale and Miles Teller. This film will make you appreciate the sacrifices that firefighters have to make, while saving lives in fires.

Prepare to go on an emotional rollercoaster while watching the “Only the Brave” film, one which is definitely one of the best films of 2017.

4. A Bad Moms Christmas

Our favorite moms are back this Christmas on A Bad Moms Christmas. The film follows Carla, Kiki and Amy; three young moms who we fell in love with in “Bad Moms”. But distinct from facing their own personality challenges as they did in “Bad Moms”, the three women now have a new challenge; their own moms. There is no funnier way of getting you into the Christmas mood than having your ribs cracked by the hilarious storyline and jokes in this film.

5. The Snowman

The Snowman, a brand new crime thriller is the new reason of not wandering outside in the snow during winter. The film is based on a best-selling novel of the same title. Winter is a season filled with hazards including blizzards and snow storms. But there is a region where a notorious serial killer makes winter even more terrorizing. This killer dubbed “The Snowman” gives residents sleepless nights. Investigators now have to take on the nerve-wrecking job of uncovering the real identity of The Snowman.

6. Geostorm

Modern civilization and humanity are about to meet a tragic end, as numerous storms of unprecedented proportions threaten to decimate the entire world’s human population. This is after the artificial satellites meant to prevent these natural disasters from happening malfunction.

It is up to an ambitious satellite designer and his team to avert the storms from annihilating the earth and causing a mass extinction event.  This awesome sci-fi film completes our list of great movies you should watch this November.

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So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and make sure you set a date for these awesome movies. It never gets better than this!