Dunkirk in Cinemas

This is an action movie directed by Christopher Nolan who also wrote the script. Christopher Nolan previously directed the Dark knight movies and Insomnia. The movie Dunkirk stars Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy and Harry Styles. It is an English movie which has Arabic subtitles in cinemas in the UAE. The running time is about 110 minutes.

The outstanding cinematography is quite breathtaking, and the director of photography for this movie was Hoyte Van Hoytema. With the musical score by Hans Zimmer, the movie distributed by Warner brothers has opened to great critical acclaim. It is an international co-production between the United Kingdom, The United States, The Netherlands, and France. Filming started in mid-2016 in Dunkirk. The film made extensive use of thousands of extras and many of the original vessels which were used in the actual 1940 event were found and used in the movie.

The movie Dunkirk is based on the true story of a fierce world war two battle which has become part of the DNA memory of the British people. It tells of a military operation which happened in May 1940, starting on the 26th and ending on the 4th of June that year. It was a heroic evacuation of British and allied forces who were trapped on the beach and surrounded by Nazi troops who had pretty much overrun all of Europe. The Allies had to retreat to the French coast in a narrow corridor to the sea. Nothing less than a miracle could have saved them. The enemy was advancing and there was no clear way home. The focus of the operation was at Dunkirk (Dunkerque) in France. The evacuation brought allied troops over the channel to England. A quickly assembled collection of both naval vessels as well as boats owned by civilians were used to rescue the troops. As the rescue took place, Luftwaffe dominated the skies above and below the waters of the channel were dozens off U boats making the operation desperately dangerous, there were heavy casualties on both sides but the brave men continued against all odds. Many troops were lost but history will always remember the heroes who took part and the many who were saved.

On the first day of the operation, only 7669 men were rescued but by the end of the last day about 350 000 British, French, and Belgian troops were evacuated by very brave everyday heroes who risked their lives. The evacuation was a significant boost to morale and enabled the allies to continue to fight on.

The movie is intense with realistic scenes of heavy bombing, plane crashes, sinking ships and soldiers burning when an oil slick catches alight. A man is seen walking into the ocean to “end it all” and a young civilian is injured. The movie is challenging to watch, not only because of the harrowing scenes, but the time twisting technique which the director uses makes the story sometimes a bit difficult to follow.