Assouline, the first luxury brand on culture, renowned for collectible books on subjects ranging among fashion, design, art, travel, and epicurean arts, is excited to announce the opening of its second worldwide Maison Assouline in Dubai.

To walk through the doors of the newly opened Maison Assouline is to immerse yourself in a full sensory journey, from the intriguing and specially formulated aroma that transports you to a stylish library to the big screens showing classic footage curated by Martine Assouline and the carefully curated playlist. Beyond the glossy books that adorn the grand floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the Maison promises to bring brands to life.

The nucleus of the Maison is the glamorous Swans Bar, a stylish eatery featuring a larger-than-life bar with grand gold mirrored beams, surrounded by perfectly poised stools. Guests will be offered a tasteful food and beverage menu inspired by some of Assouline’s most captivating titles. Diners will appreciate this attention to every detail and will savor the special presentation of their food and drink.