Hawini Art

This week a combination of art work consisting of a designer, architect and a social worker of a Lebanese group from Hawini will be presented by Hazem K. Aljesr from Cities. They are renown for the statement-making pieces which are unique and versatile. “Mallow” is a series of Chairs specially created by Hawini to be displayed at an exhibition of Cities’ at Design Days Dubai. Named after a flower is a unique blend of man-made art and art of nature similarly the chairs were made of steel with gun metal finish and a touch of natural finish is given with oak wood. Spiky calf leather, black python snakeskin and mauve ostrich leather are the seat options. The rack or billiard triangle inspired the artisan for the seats and were made of wood. In order to project the inspiration, seat frame of one chair was covered with green felt of the billiard table. Hawini have been part of many exhibitions and created opportunities for Rabih Keyrouz, a Lebanese designer. The philosophy of three workers is “Our work is our art, and our art is what we make of it.” They take inspiration from everything around them that is people, music and life encounters. “the relation of the paradox between pragmatism and pure creativit” is the motive of Hawini artists. Their offering to the world is their art and they consider their art as “the discipline that promotes the unity within ourselves.” Their process of creating is organic as they start immediately as soon as they are inspired. At the time of presenting their art they do not provide an explanation and allow the viewer to interpret freely.