Fotis Gerakis Art

Cities Design and Lifestyle Store had a collection of hand-picked International and Middle Eastern talents and partnered with AMDmode. AMDmode proves a platform to the Artisans and designers who are renown around the globe to display their authentic creations. In Centria Mall, Riyadh Cities Design and Lifestyle Store was launched by Hazem K. Aljesr, and we will be displaying his authentic handpicked art work on a weekly basis. This establishment is as authentic and similar to that launched by Hazem in the center of Dubai of Saudi.

Display of the week is Hazem’s art work

The art work on the urban skateboards presents a blend of identity and possession as it displays a societal group through art and allows the person to showcase acquisition in a style that is the urban youth offered by Fotis Gerakis. With his unique theme that projects possession along with contrasting approach, he redefines the art which is considered as worth displaying at the museums and homes. Exhibition of respect for the style of art along with the themes that are used which have its origin from the street art and motive to decorate, Fotis initially interprets his idea before getting involved in the medium or the art form. Emblematically, the journey of owning an object begins from a demand which starts from otherness and continues to understanding and finally masters the art form. The creations of Fotis Gerakis display contradictions as it uses symbols that are conflicting and opposite to each other. In order to project the urban youth, the skateboards are painted with “divas,” iconic women in fine art style. Possession and desire are displayed through these paintings as the women are painted in contradicting fashion where as the commercial approach shows the relationship between consumer and object of desire.