How to Get a Man Explore on Books

All over the world today, it becomes so easy for a busy working man to forget the pleasure of chilling up with a book, before, at work or even after work. This is because of the ups and downs of life trying to make ends meet. For other younger men with lesser responsibilities, might be because of the fun that surrounds them or other different kind issues. For the youngest men with no responsibilities at all, they got the screen and a variety of technology in their way. It is evident that we erode our minds from the most important exercise that all of us should be engaging in. But the good news is that there are still remnants of men who still explore books.

Well, men love to read books about cars, masculinity based novels and magazines or newspapers, different types of gaming and sports, real-life adventures books, fashion and much more. Below, we focus on a few of the named types of books named above and the benefits of reading them

Books on being a man

These are the types of books that are recommended to bring back the culture to read for you. For a man to read a boatload of books, consider the starting point to be about the man’s world. Books based on masculinity, manliness and being a man kind of books will bring you closer to the love of books. As time passes, you get to be a fan of the skill of maleness, and you get interested in all other aspects of being a man. Below is list of books men should read if they desire to learn more about the man’s world.

  1. Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man
  2. Iron John: A Book about men
  3. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy Being a Strong Man That a Woman Wants
  5. What is a Man?

Benefits of reading books about men

The most interesting benefit that matters is that you got nothing to lose apart from the ignorance. Books challenge you with the truth that you are only left agreeing with the context after reading.

Reading books that concerns men also dares you to exercise self-discipline. Take an example if a certain father treats his family unfairly by exercising infidelity, the same man reads a book that helps him improve his behavior and he at once starts treating the family well. He gets learned and starts to exercise good values.

Why men should read books

Reading regularly after a busy day at work calms a man’s mind. Researchers have found out that, those men who tend to read before they sleep wakes up the next morning with a relaxed mind. Reading before sleeping should be done at one’s bedside and using a dim light, this is because bright lights signal the mind it’s time to get up from the bed.

Self-help based books.

These are books that are meant to upgrade a man’s self-esteem, acceptance at one point of his lifetime. Life’s pressure deprives us men of our deserved pleasures, and for this reason and many others, we are encouraged to read self-help books so that we can re-energize to face the struggles before us. We know men survive on their own, whether big or small. These books help you help yourself.

Why men should read (Bibliotherapy) self-help books

A lot of men suffer from depression due to many reasons surrounding them. The most unfortunate bitter truth about this disease is that it eats away the belief and motivation to have faith in the change of becoming normal again’. By reading the bibliotherapy books a person who suffers from depression can gain the strength to believe change is possible. In cases of severe depression too, self-help books can work.

Books of adventures

Men who love travel, documentaries fiction and real adventure based novels and magazines will agree with me that this is the secret to men’s happiness. Fictional based for example is a tricky one to get you lost in the adventure. You get lost in the sympathy about a certain character to an extent of showing it all over your own face. This is very important, they say, and I quote that a real man does no show sympathy, but they are wrong. For a man like that who dwell in that kind of past, purchase a magazine with a sympathetic story and you will know you have the feeling of sympathy in you.

Benefits of reading books of adventures

This relaxes your mind, and chases away the lone feeling in case of books based on documentaries, sports, and gaming etc. takes you on a long priceless journey, enhances creativity

At least 70% of men invest their time on reading. This is a sure way and a trick that they have invented to relax their minds. For the few of the men who rarely read or don’t read at all there is a one recommendation book that I make for you, try the book entitled, Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson.