Book Reviews That Will Remain Popular Forever

You are already a book reviewer, didn’t you know? Look at you ask, “How do I become a book reviewer?” You tell everyone about the books you read. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be interested in reading this article. Maybe you are more interested in writing it down. Well, that is a different story. Being a book reviewer is easy. Get your fingers ready, because becoming a book reviewer is fun and the writing is endless.

Choosing a place to review is the first thing you must do to become a book reviewer. It is easy to decide if you know why you want to become a book reviewer. Is it because you want to remember the books you read? Is it because you want to have people read your reviews? Is it because you want to make some money? Choose one.

If you want to remember the books you read, you can start on Goodreads. This is a great website to read books and review them. You can share your reviews with your friends and find new books. If you are really good on Goodreads, you can eventually get some free books too. Check the giveaway groups for free books. The community is great as well.

If you want lots of people to read your reviews, you have two choices. Starting your blog is easy. Take a look at one of the following:,,, or any of the others. It takes less than 5 minutes to start your blog, but much longer to build a following. Don’t expect many people to read even after a year of steady writing and promoting every day. Expect more after a few years. Writing for a local publication creates instant readers and may give you the advantage of moving up to bigger publications in future years or less.

Finally, there is the best thing you can get out of book reviews – money. Writing your blog and trying to earn some cash. If you are just starting and this is your goal, your effort may be misplaced. Most people move to this after starting their blog originally. Writing well is the first goal before starting your blog. Writing good reviews is even more important to become a book reviewer earning money.

So practice. Then get your website setup with or a similar platform for blogging. Make it look professional – maybe spend some money and get ready to roll. You should start researching SEO to help you learn how to get more web traffic and learn how to efficiently share your articles on social media. Don’t always focus on book reviewers either. Focus on everything that would interest people who like books this will help you hold readers attention. Get guest posts and do guest posts. Network with other blogs. Keep learning about marketing your blog, and it’ll be fun.

No matter which way you choose to be a book reviewer. Never stop having fun writing reviews. It shows in your writing, and you’ll only be as successful as your writing is engaging.