Book Review – Lev: A Short Caller Novel

If you are a great fan of humorous romance books, then you can’t just afford not to know a famous author by the name Belle Aurora. She has published quite a number of books that are in the market today. She is the creative brain behind the well-known Friend-Zoned series. She is now back with a loud bang with her latest release known as Lev: A Shot Callers Novel.’ Just as it was expected, Belle Lives up to her promise with this book as it was expected to be a super exciting book.

The stars in this book are Mina Harris and Lev Leokov. Lev caught a woman trying to steal a wallet from his brother. Instead of condemning the woman and let her face the consequences of her actions, he did the unexpected and sided with her. The woman who was caught stealing the wallet is Mina Harris. Mina Harris is very desperate, homeless, and trying to look for some money so that she can buy some food since she was starving. However, she got more than she was bargaining for as Lev took her in, gave her some food to eat, a comfortable place to sleep and a job on top of all that. Lev does not understand what exactly attracted her to Mina, even though she was beautiful and wanted to steal a wallet from his brother. At the end of it all, the 2 fell in love despite the fact that they both had imperfect lives, dark life secrets, and hidden flaws.

The book seems to be sweet and amusing. It includes some characters that are likable to the extent that you can’t wait to see their developments in the future releases of the book. Belle Aurora uses Mina to offer more insight into the character such as revealing more about Lev’s family. Besides, Belle does not focus more on building the character of Lev and Mina but also, she reveals the development of other characters in the process. I bet anyone who reads this book will fall in love with it. It brings about the mystery that is mainly brought about by the many hidden secrets, twisted characters and the strange union of Mina and Lev.

Lev: A Short Caller Novel is a very addictive, humorous, and contemporary romance book that will only leave you yearning more of its Short Caller series. One of the best things I do like about the book is how Belle ingeniously introduces some of her secondary characters into the plot. She has used some very creative and interesting methods to introduce them. However, I feel the book was largely influenced by her Friend-Zoned series (which I, by the way, also absolutely enjoyed). It has some major similarities with the latter especially in the type of characters used by the author. Nevertheless, you can be sure to enjoy the book and some several giggle moments and a great time in overall as you pursue those pages. I highly recommend that you try and go through this book if you are a fan of reading – it will not disappoint you.