Baby Driver Movie Review

After being forced to work for a crime boss, this young driver becomes part of a robbery that’s doomed to fail.

Brief Synopsis
The movie revolves around a young man, named Baby (Ansel Elgort) who is fond of creating remixes about his life. Basically, he has a habit of recording conversations using his old cassette recorder and mixes them into songs. He also meets his dream girl (Lily James). However, his life changed when he got involved in a crime where he was forced to be the driver for a robbery syndicate managed by Doc. Although Baby can ‘drive,’ he needs his music for him to be able to function. This has been caused by a car accident that happened to him when he was a child– he suffered from tinnitus, and he should place the ear buds into his ears to drown out the ringing. That’s why his world revolves around “music.”

Although Baby is used to how his life revolves, he’s willing to leave it all for the girl he likes. However, it’s not that easy, as he’s still the driver of the crime syndicate, Doc. As for Doc, he really doesn’t want Baby to leave his team– he’s an invaluable asset who knows what he’s doing. Thus, he’s willing to do it all just to make Baby stay.

We can say that “Baby Driver” follows traditional crime movies that involve car chase. You can feel the old-fashioned sensibility with how Wright, the director, structured the film. This has been possible, not only because of his stars that looks like the could have walked out from the 40s, but how he directed the film. Thus, Baby Driver can be described as a high-concept film that’s full of detail, with charming little beats that hold everything together.

“Baby Driver” is a combination of smarts and styles. No doubt about that, as it’s written and directed by Edgar Wright, who’s also the man behind the movie, “Shaun of the Dead.” That said, there’s no denying that this movie is an action-comedy that you’d love to see.

This movie is very different from the traditional Hollywood action movies where we are already aware that the heroes would survive– there’s not much thrill about it. Here, you can feel yourself rooting for them because you are left uncertain of what’s really going to happen. There are villains that you would hate with all your nerves– they are known as the Bats. This makes Baby Driver one of those films, where every cast leaves an impact and was played by the right person. It was able to create a sense of ‘magic’ in the film.

That’s not all, you can even feel the energy in this movie. You’ll find yourself jumping in certain scenes, and laugh your hearts out whenever they deliver a joke. You’ll be fully engaged all throughout and by the end of the film, “Baby Driver” might be one of your favorite songs!

Will “Baby Driver” change the way you look at life? We’re not too sure, but it’s still worth checking.