What is your name?

I am Esam Al-Hijji. I am an artist from Saudi.

Please detail your background information.

I belong to a family with a background of creative talents, from fashion to interior designers, sketch artists, and painters. I had a good exposure towards creativity while growing up.

My greatest inspiration is my grandfather, who taught me lessons of patience, respect, strength, humility, and courage. He also taught me that nothing is impossible and success can be attained through hard work and determination. He is an essential reason for me becoming an artist.

What is integral to an artist’s work?

Finding an inspiration

Themes you peruse for your art.

Abstract path and urban contemporary interests me the most when it comes to my art.

What more can you tell us about your creative process?

Painting for me is like writing a story that has a beginning but not necessarily an end. I begin sketching after having an appropriate thought or emotion that I feel like expressing. I leave spaces to note my idea while sketching so that I can expand my first thought or improve it while developing my art. After finishing my ground work, I start painting when I feel satisfied and at peace. After completing my art piece, I leave it for few days before making any corrections and finishing.

What is a key element of good composition?

The story behind your composition is the key element.

Please state the most challenging part about your paintings.

As an artist, the most challenging part for I is to accept the fact that a piece has reached its ending.

What do you do to seal your art?

I take my mother’s approval. Her genuine expressions are the seal to my art.

Fact about art world that you dislike

An art scene caters to elite and doesn’t reach out to the masses.

Quick questions

Origination: Family belongs to Saudi Arabia, I was born and raised in the US and London.
Currently lives in: Dubai

Favorite gadget: iPhone

Holiday destination: Los Angeles

Restaurant: Berries in Los Angeles
port: Nothing in particular
talent: Cooking
ear: Not having tried everything in life
I can’t live without: Family
In 20 years I will: I see myself becoming an influencer for young artists